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Vidhan parishad (or Legislative council) in India



Hello Friends in this lesson are studying in Vidhan parishad (or Legislative council) in India. First up all I want to say you in India total Legislative council is seven states are available but in this tutorial may I tell you some tricks of remembering of this state. Hope this post will help you to understand the vidhan parishad in India.

The tricks is


I explain this trick

K – Karnataka
U – Uttar Pradesh
M – Maharashtra
B – Bihar
J – Jammu and Kashmir
A – Andhra Pradesh
T – Tamilnadu

Some other important information

Some states have bi-cameral vidhan parishad (having two Houses). The seven states having two houses. In the remaining states, the vidhan parishad is uni-cameral and has the vidhan sabha (Legislative Assembly) only. For creation or abolition of Legislative Assembly of the states should pass a resolution by a special majority followed by an Act of Parliament (Ref.: Art. 169)
The size of the Legislative Council may vary, but its membership should not be more than 1/3 of the membership of the vidhan sabha but not less than 40. Vidhan parishad is a partly elected body. 5/6 of the total numbers of members of the council is indirectly elected and 1/6 is nominated by the governor. 1/3 of the total members of the council are elected by local bodies such as municipalities, district boards. 1/12 is elected by teachers of secondary schools or higher educational institutions. 1/12 is elected by graduates of three years standing residing in the states.

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  • Ramesh Nag

    Only Six Indain States have BIcameral Legislature.They are 1.Bihar 2.Uttar Pradesh 3.Jammu & kashmir 4.Karnataka 5.Andhra Pradesh 6.Maharashtra


    • Nandkishor Barve

      May 5, 2010 the House passed in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Council Bill 2010. Bill has been allocated 78 seats. AIADMK is known that in 1986 (AIADMK) founder MG Ramachandran regime was abolished Tamil Nadu Legislative Council, but Karunanidhi DMK-led Tamil Nadu Legislative Council in the 2006 restructuring of its election manifesto spoke. In this context, the Tamil Nadu Assembly also adopted a resolution to constitute two-thirds majority. June 1, 1985 Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council was abolished. The former had been working properly in Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council.

      Name of State and Seats
      Bihar 75
      Uttar Pradesh 99
      MH 78
      Karnataka 75
      J – K 36
      TN 78

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      Very nic

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